Sometimes It Takes A Month or Twelve

I’m looking at my blog for the first time in 12 months (apparently!), though I’m not sure how that much time has passed! My take-home is this: if you wait to find the right time to do something, it probably won’t happen. So, here’s to just doing it! First post in 12 month – GO!

Last October, I played for a local cable television show called, Eclectic Evenings. This is produced by a creative branch of local nonprofit, The Music Initiative, called {tin}, which stands for, “This Is Noteworthy.” I’m so excited to have a little bit of video for those of my fans who haven’t yet gotten to see me perform live! As always, I could pick this piece apart, but really, when it comes down to it, I’m proud of where I was in October, creatively and professionally, and as a time capsule of sorts, this production is priceless.

{tin} presents Virginia Street [Eclectic Evenings, Season 4 / Episode 9] from {tin} This Is Noteworthy on Vimeo.

I also recorded one song for an international online website called, This was also produced by The Music Initiative’s, {tin}.

Amidst these little triumphs, I finished writing and started recording for an album with Billy Baldwin and Rut Leland, for which Billy wrote the lyrics and Rut and I wrote the music. As my first real collaboration, I have been floored by the creativity that is unlocked through the process of collaborating with other artists.

A bit of loner, I’ve always liked the stability of only needing to depend on myself, and through this experience, I’ve been forced a go a little bit more “with the flow.” Rut and I performed for the first time together at Awendaw Green a few weeks ago, and that marked my first collaborative performance in many years.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve experienced more of the nitty-gritty of life than I care to recount, but through it all, I’ve come to acknowledge that whatever the cost, I must push forward. Even when I have writer’s block for six months, I must press on. Even when I feel like my relevance is waning, I must keep on keepin’ on. And, even when I’m tired, and maybe even especially when I’m tired, I have a few true callings that tell me, “Virginia, you’ve got a lot more to offer.”

I hope that with the eventual release of our album, which will most likely be entitled, “These Our Offerings,” I’ll be doing just that.

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